Standing desk frame has gained in popularity over the past several years, as people realize its benefit truly provides for the body.

standing desk frame


B&H Ergonomics has worked so hard to perfect creating standing desk for more than 8 years.

Manufacture best electric height adjustable standing desk is the most important way to support our clients in building brand and reputation.








ALL In One-Stop Customized Solution

This ultimate solution guide would help you know more about standing desk frame!

Why Choosing B&H Ergonomics?

standing desk frame-d23rsNingbo B&H Ergonomics is a professional standing desk factory and standing desk wholesaler which has 8+ years of experience. Our electric desk produce by the most advanced technology.
All resources and efforts are focused on helping our customers create and build their brand and business.

  • ProfessionalB&H Ergonomics has more than 8 years of experience in producing standing desk

  • High Quality, strictly controls every production step and offers the top quality standing desk of our clients.
  • Service, we provide you with custom-tailored services, meeting every demand of yours.
  • Best Price, when you purchase in bulk, the discounts are more pronounced!

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Wholesale Standing Desk Frame in Bulk

B&H Ergonomics height adjustable Standing Desk Frame is the perfect choice if you seeking nice quality and budget-friendly pricing.

Our electric height adjustable desk base designed with reliable and safe. All desk has an anti-collision system that delivers the safety to your office.

Electric Height Adjustable Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame Only

Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Frame

Wholesale Standing Desk Frame
Wholesale Standing Desk Frame

Adjustable Height Single Motor Standing Desk Frame Only

Electric Adjustable Height Single Motor Sit Stand Desk Frame

Wholesale Standing Desk FrameWholesale Standing Desk Frame

Adjustable Triple Motor 3 Legs L Shaped Standing Desk Frame Only

Electric Height Adjustable L Shaped Sit Stand Desk Frame

Wholesale Standing Desk FrameWholesale Standing Desk Frame

Height Adjustable Quad Motor 4 Legs H Shaped Standing Desk Frame Only

Height Adjustable 4 Legs Sit Stand Desk Frame

Wholesale Standing Desk FrameWholesale Standing Desk Frame

Customize Your Standing Desk Frame From A Reliable Manufacturer

Choose the type of Standing DeskB&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

It can produce single, dual, triple, quad motor standing desk,

customized design is also welcome.

Height range of Standing Desk-Customized

Normally, the height range of dual motor straight standing desk is 600-1250mm (23.62′-49.2′),

but it can adjust the range according to your preference.

Width range of Desk-Customized

The standard width for dual motor sit stand desk is 1100-1800, but it also could be changed.

Color of The Desk

It has white standing desk, black standing desk and grey standing desk in stock.

If the quantity is big, it can help to customize the desk color.

B&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

Choose Controller (Display)

Desk Feet Choose

Printing Design

Customers only need to provide the vector design (AI, CDR, PDF…) The final confirmation will be made before layout printing.

Sample Confirmation

We will take videos or send samples to customers for confirmation before production.

How Do We Get Standing Desk Frame in Bulk Setp-by-Setp?

1. Prepare Raw Material

B&H Ergonomics standing desk factory

4. Painting

B&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

2. Cutting By CNC Machine

5. Assbenly Motor and others

B&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

3. Welding By Machine Hand

6. Packing Standing Desk Accessories

B&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

How Do We Make Quality Control of Standing Desk?
  1. Make sure good raw materialsB&H Ergonomics standing desk running test
  2. Using advanced production machines to manufacture desk
  3. Strict Inspection

3.1 100%Visual check

3.2 Assembly and Function check

3.3 Running test

3.4 Fatigue test

3.5 Noise check

3.6 Others

4. Others

Things You Should Know About Wholesale Standing Desk

What’s the MOQ of standing desk bulk order?

standing desk accessories-d23rs

The standard MOQ is 100 pcs at a time, but it can be negotiated.

What’s the production time?

It will be within 30-40 days, but if the quantity is huge, it should be negotiated.

Does your standing desk suitable for tall people?

Yes, the standard height range is 600-1250mm (23.6’-49.2’), a nice option for both tall people and short people. And if need customized height range, we can help do so.

Can I check the sample before placing an order?

Yes, absolutely, the sample is available, we can send you from China directly.

Which product are you selling better?

According to the past few years, customer purchase statistics, the dual-motor straight standing desk frame is the most popular in market. Then L shaped corner standing desk and the others.

How long will cost to assemble the standing desk?

Our desk has easy assembly design, normally, you can set it up within 10 minutes.

standing desk frame

Can we get the quote including the shipping cost?

Yes, the shipping cost is unstable, you can contact us for real-time quote.

Can you put our logo on products?

Yes, it can put your logo on standing desk with stickers.

Do you have white standing desk base?

White standing desk, black standing desk, grey standing desk, not a problem.

If the quantity is huge, it can also customize the color.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

You should stand 30 to 60 minutes at a time. It’s better switching sitting and standing each 30 minutes.

Does The Standing Desk Frame Do Benefits?

Yes, it is!

We are highly recommended all people who have to work in front of the desk should change the base to a standing desk frame to have innumerable benefits:

1. DIY your own style standing desk by the various tabletop.

2. Standing can lower your risk of weight gain and obesity. Three hours of standing every day is equal to running about 10 marathons a year!

3. Improves Posture, everyone has a different perfect standard desk height, it’s not fixed!

4. Improves productivity, a study by the University of Leicester in BMJ shows that standing will improve productivity.

5. Standing could reduce shoulder and back pain. Keeping a fixed posture all day definitely not a good idea, no matter how perfect this posture is.

6. Sitting a long time will hurt 6 major parts of the body!

7. More Energy & Better Mood. It looks counterintuitive, but standing will increase your energy and mood when working.

The reason is standing improves blood flow and brain activity.