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Looking for a reliable and affordable wholesale standing desk frame supplier? Look no further than Ningbo B&H Ergonomic Technology! We have been perfecting the design and manufacture of height adjustable standing desks for over 9 years, and our products are synonymous with quality and safety.

Our electric desk frames are designed with reliability and safety in mind, and come with an anti-collision system to ensure your office is always safe. Purchase standing desks from B&H are the perfect way to support your clients in building their own brand and reputation.

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Why Choosing B&H Ergonomics Standing Desk?

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If you’re looking for a standing desk frame that is both high quality and customizable, then look no further than B&H Ergonomics. Our height adjustable desk frame is produced with the most advanced technology and we strictly control every production step to ensure that our clients receive the best possible product.

We also offer custom-tailored services to meet the specific needs of each client. And if you purchase our standing desk frame in bulk, you’ll be eligible for even better price. Plus, we offer a 5-year warranty on the electric desk frames.

So why wait?

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Wholesale Commercial Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

Looking for a height adjustable desk frame that is perfect for commercial use? The BH-D23RS dual motor height adjustable desk frame is the best choice!

This frame is able to support up to 120 kg of weight, making it perfect for any office setting.

Additionally, the 3 stage design provides a stable tabletop, even when fully loaded. With only one click, the memory digital display make it easy to reach a specific height. Plus, the hole-less design gives this frame a sleek and professional look.

The standard height range for this frame is 600-1250mm / 23.62-49.21 inches, with a width range of 1100-1800mm / 43.31-70.87 inches.

If need other specific height range or width range, no worry! We can customize it for you!

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Wholesale Single Motor Height Adjustable Table

Looking for an affordable office desk solution? Our Single Motor Sit Stand Desk is a perfect choice!

With a powerful motor and 80 kg load capacity, it’s perfect for most tabletop situations. Plus, our 2 pcs 2 stage standing desk legs provide stability, and our memory digital display lets you easily reach a specific height with a speed of 20mm/s. (Memory display can have USB charge function.)

The standard single motor desk base’s height range is 700-1150mm / 27.55-45.28 inches. The frame width range is 1050-1650mm / 41.33-64.96 inches.

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Wholesale Electric L Shaped Standing Desk Frame

L Shaped Height Adjustable desk frame is the best corner desk option. Which brings more than 5 incredible benefits!

The L-shaped standing desk frame is a great option for those who want a sturdy and reliable desk that can support a lot of weight.

With a load capacity of 180 kg, this frame is perfect for use in any office or home. The L shaped design also helps save space compared to traditional straight desks.

Additionally, the BH-T33RS model has multitasking ability by using a bigger L-shaped tabletop. So you can use one side for working and the other side workspace for gaming.

All standing desk legs have great aesthetics. None visible screws and holes can be found on standing desk legs.
Standard L shaped standing desk frame height range is 600-1250mm / 23.62-49.21 inches. The desk width range on both sides is 1100-1800mm / 43.31-70.87 inches.
No hamper for most tabletops on the market! If need another specific height range or width range, no worry, can customize either!
Need 90 degree L shaped standing desk? 120 degree L shaped standing desk?

No problem, easily customize any degree L-shaped standing desk for you!

L shape Standing Desk

Supply Quad Motor 4 Legs H Shaped Standing Desk Base

BH-Q43RS is a dual-position electric height adjustable desk frame that allows you to have an H-shaped height adjustable workstation.

This desk is perfect for the big office furniture project. This frame could come with a cable tray solution that makes it easy to keep your cords organized and out of the way.

Customized Your Frame Now!

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Customize Your Standing Desk Frame From A Reliable Manufacturer

1. Choose the type of Standing Desk.B&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

It can produce single, dual, triple, quad motor standing desks,

6, 8 motors or other designs can be customized.

2. Comfirm the width range of Desk-Customized.

The standard width for dual motor sit-stand desk is 1100-1800mm.

3. Choose the Color of The Desk.

It has a white standing desk, black standing desk, and grey standing desk in stock. If the quantity is big, it can help to customize the desk color.

B&H Ergonomics standing desk accessories

4. Choose Controller. (Display)

5. Comfirm the Desk Feet Choose.

6. Check the Printing Design.

Customers only need to provide the vector design (AI, CDR, PDF…) The final confirmation will be made before layout printing.

7. Sample Confirmation.

We will take videos or send samples to customers for confirmation before production.

8. Mass Production.


More Question!

How Do We Make Quality Control of Standing Desk?

Quality is our first position and sharpest weapon to help our client enlarge their market.

Here is some standing desk quality control step for reference:

  1. Make sure good raw materials.standing desk tesing
  2. Using advanced production machines to manufacture desk.
  3. Strict Inspection:

3.1 100%Visual check.

3.2 Assembly and Function check.

3.3 Running test.

3.4 Fatigue test.

3.5 Noise check.

3.6 Others.

4. Others.

10 Things You Should Know About Standing Desk Bulk Order

1. What’s the MOQ of the standing desk frame in a bulk order?

Normally, the MOQ is 100 pcs at a time, but it can be negotiated.

2. How’s the lead time?

The lead time is within 30-45 days, but if the quantity is huge, it should be negotiated.

3. Does your standing desk suitable for tall people?

Yes, the standard height range is 600-1250mm (23.6’-49.2’). It’s a nice option for both tall people and short people.

4. Can I check the sample before placing an order?

Yes, absolutely, sample are always available, we can send you a sample from China directly.

5. Which item is your best seller?

According to the past few years, customer purchase statistics. The 2 legs dual-motor 3-stage standing desk frame is the most popular in all markets.

6. How long will cost to assemble the standing desk?

Our desk has an easy assembly design, normally, you can set it up one dual motor standing desk within 10-15 minutes.

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7. Can we get the quote including the shipping cost?

Yes, as the shipping cost is unstable, you can contact us for a real-time quote.

8. What you can do about the logo?

Normally, we can put your logo on standing desk or carton with stickers.

9. How long should you stand at a standing desk?

You should stand 15-30 minutes at a time, and it’s better to switch between sitting and standing each 30 minutes.

7 Benefits of the Standing Desk Frame

Yes! We are highly recommended all people who have to work in front of the desk should change the base to a standing desk frame.

So you can get innumerable benefits:

1. DIY your own style standing desk by the various tabletop.

2. Standing can lower your risk of weight gain and obesity. Three hours of standing every day is equal to running about 10 marathons a year!

3. Improves Posture, everyone has a different perfect standard desk height, it’s not fixed!

4. Better Productivity, a study by the University of Leicester in BMJ shows that standing will improve productivity.

5. Standing could reduce shoulder and back pain. Keeping a fixed posture all day definitely not a good idea, no matter how perfect this posture is.

6. Sitting a long time will hurt 6 major parts of the body!

7. More Energy & Better Mood. It looks counterintuitive, but standing will increase your energy and mood when working.