Laptop Stand for desk has gained in popularity over the past several years, as people realize its benefit truly provides laptop users.

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An adjustable laptop stand is a piece of relatively cheap equipment with more than 10 advantages.

B&H Ergonomics has worked so hard to perfect creating laptop stand for many years.

Manufacture the best laptop stand is the most important way to support our clients in building brand and reputation.






ALL In One-Stop Customized Solution

This ultimate solution guide would help you know more about laptop stand!

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Why Choosing B&H Ergonomics?

Ningbo B&H Ergonomics is a professional laptop stand factory and laptop stand wholesaler which has 8+ years of experience.

Our laptop riser produced by the most advanced technology.laptop laptop holder for desk
All resources and efforts are focused on helping our customers create and build their brands and business.

  • ProfessionalB&H Ergonomics has more than 7 years of experience in producing laptop stands.

  • High Quality, strictly controls every production step and offers the top quality laptop stand of our clients.
  • Servicewe provide you with custom-tailored services, meeting every demand of yours.
  • Best Pricewhen you purchase in bulk, the discounts are more pronounced!

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Wholesale Laptop Stand in Bulk with Customized Logo

B&H Ergonomics laptop stand is the perfect choice if you seeking nice quality and budget-friendly pricing.

Our laptop riser designed with reliable and safe. The customized unique design is welcome!

Adjustable Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand


foldable laptop standfoldable laptop stand

Metal Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand


aluminum laptop standaluminum laptop stand

                                                                BH05-7H5L                                                                                                                                                   BH05-SC-7L

metal Laptop standmetal laptop stand


Laptop riserlaptop stand sc86s

Height Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Riser


Laptop riserLaptop StandLaptop riser

How Do We Get Laptop Stand in Bulk Step-by-Step?

How Do We Make Quality Control of Laptop Stand?
  1. Make sure good raw materials.Laptop Stand
  2. Using advanced production machines to manufacture laptop stand.
  3. Strict Inspection.

3.1 100%Visual check.

3.2 Assembly and Function check.

3.3 Others.

4. Others.

Things You Should Know About Wholesale Laptop Stand!

What’s the MOQ of laptop stand bulk order?Laptop Stand

The standard item MOQ is 500-1000 pcs according to different items, but the customized design should renegotiate.

Can we customize the color box?

Yes, we can customize the color box according to your design, but the MOQ should

What’s the production time for laptop holder?

It will be within 30-40 days, but if the quantity is huge, needs negotiate.

Does your laptop riser suitable for all laptops?

Not exactly, the laptop riser is suitable for 10-15.6 inches laptops. Actually, it’s almost including 90+% laptops in the market.

Can I check the sample before placing an order?

Yes, absolutely, the sample is available, and we can send you from China directly.

Is a laptop holder for desk worth it?

Yes, there is no double that laptop holder is a great partner for laptop.

Lots of home workers will use laptops due to is flexibility but are also hurt by the compact design.laptop holder

You will have to hunch your back, neck, and shoulder, then the pain is coming.

Here are some benefits of laptop stand:

  1. Better Ergonomic, laptop stand can let you reach to a better ergonomic position that places your screen at eye level and sit correctly.
  2. Increased Productivity, it’s easier to get tried in a hunched position without laptop riser.
  3. Less Eye Strain. It can reduce screen glare and eye strain if your eye and screen are on one level.
  4. Protection from Spills. If your laptop is not in the horizontal position, then less harm risk if water spills. 
  5. Type Better with External keyboard.
  6. Desktop Aesthetics. Reduce clutter by hiding your keyboard and mouse under the laptop holder for desk when you’re not using them.
  7. Using laptop as a dock with laptop stand vertical
  8. Portable function. You can take your laptop stand with you everywhere!
How to choose the best laptop riser suitable for you?

Here we help to list some ways you may need to consider.

  1. Travel Ability. If you using your laptop not just in one fixed room, the travel ability is definitely the most important thing for you.
  2. Material:Plastic: friendly in price but not environmentally.Wood: environmentally friendly, but not good in cooling function and adjustable abilityBamboo: also most same with wood but cheaper.Metal: Most metal laptop riser is made of aluminum which has recycled ability, easily adjustable height and angle, nice for cooling.
  3. Cooling function. Overheating is a big problem for laptops which will infect the performance a lot.
  4. Adjustable Range. Adjustable is soul factor of laptop riser. Everyone has a different best screen height, so the ideal solution is to use adjustable laptop stand, both in height and angle.
  5. Others.