Premium Motorized TV Lift Mechanism Solution

Easy to install, top-rated performance, 5-year warranty

B&H top motorized TV lift mechanisms are easy to install and integrate into woodworking, home improvement, and AV projects. 

B&H Ergonomics makes reliable, ultra-quiet Motorized TV lifts and other motorized solutions that are ideal for industry professionals. And making it the perfect buy for any professional.

Motorized TV Lift and TV Carts Solution

Are you looking to revolutionize your entertainment space with cutting-edge technology? Look no further than TV lifts – the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating your television into any environment. With their motorized functionality and hidden design, TV lifts offer a convenient and space-saving solution that adds a touch of elegance to your home or commercial space.


B&H Ergonomics understands the importance of creating a captivating and immersive viewing experience. With our extensive range of TV lift mechanisms, we provide innovative solutions that cater to your unique needs and elevate your entertainment setup to new heights.

Motorized TV Carts With Wheels-Basic

BH-TV03 (Basic)
BH-TV03 (Basic)

Motorized TV Lift-Ceiling TV lift

Motorized TV Carts With Wheels-Premium (Angle Adjustable)


B&H Support OEM and ODM services provide the freedom to take an existing design and customize it to fit your brand’s identity and unique requirements.

This level of customization ensures that your TV Carts are not only functional but also an embodiment of your vision.

Unique design Supported, help you develop branding.

B&H believes that high-quality ergonomic TV Carts should be accessible to everyone.

Providing an excellent stable and durable TV Carts and Motorized TV Lift.

Design Your Own Unique Motorized TV Lift

Our specialist guides you step by step through the various options and customization possibilities of the product. 

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5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need TV Lifts

There is no doubt that TV lifts are innovative devices that would modernize any home or office. Innovative TV mechanisms bring a whole new level of functionality and aesthetics to your living space or office. Here are the top five surprising reasons why you should get a TV Lifts.

Protect Your TV from Damage

Modern TVs are a significant investment, damage could be left hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Accidental bumps, spills, and even dogs can be a disaster for your television. Motorized TV Lift offers a smart solution that hides your TV in a cabinet or ceiling when it’s not active. This solution also helps extends the life of your TV.

Ensure the Child-Friendly Environment

For households with little explorers, safety is paramount. TV lifts help to keep your television securely out of reach when not in use. No more worrying about little hands and curious minds getting into trouble. With a simple push of a button, you can effortlessly hide your TV in a cabinet. Creating a child-friendly environment that gives you peace of mind.

Free Up Space and Declutter Your Living Room

In some compact living spaces, space saving is crucial. Motoried TV lifts allow your television to disappear when not in use, freeing up valuable floor and wall space. Say goodbye to bulky TV stands and wall mounts that take up precious real estate. With a TV lift, your living room gains an instant makeover, appearing more open, organized, and inviting.

Enhanced Aesthetics Builds

Aesthetics matter! TV lift mechanism effortlessly integrates into various design styles. Enhancing the overall look and feel of your space. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist layout or a traditional and cozy ambiance, TV lifts offer seamless integration.

It’s Super Cool!

It’s super cool! Like a sci-fi movie come true in your life.

Inviting friends and family over will never be the same again. Imagine the look of amazement on their faces when your TV rises from within a stylish cabinet or console. TV lifts add an element of surprise and entertainment to your gatherings, making your home the talk of friends.

Different Types of TV Lifts

When it comes to selecting the right TV lift for your home, there are several options available to suit different needs and preferences. Each type of TV lift offers unique features and benefits.

Motorized Ceiling Lift for TV

Bracket ceiling lifts are installed in the ceiling and feature a motorized arm that moves your TV upward and downward. The major advantage of this type of lift is its space-saving design, making it ideal for homes with limited floor space. Moreover, bracket ceiling lifts are often more budget-friendly compared to other options. If you’re looking for a sleek, low-profile lift that doesn’t break the bank, this could be the perfect choice.

Concealed Ceiling System​

Concealed Ceiling System

Concealed ceiling system are also ceiling-mounted but pull your television down when needed. They are a great fit for small rooms or apartments due to their compact nature. A key benefit of concealed ceiling lifts is their ability to keep the TV out of view when not in use, offering a clutter-free look. This ensures you can fully enjoy the aesthetic of your living room without any distractions. If you desire a discreet, space-saving option, a concealed ceiling lift is an excellent consideration.

TV Cabinet Lift System

Among the available options, TV lifts for cabinets are the most popular and user-friendly. These lifts easily blend with your existing furniture and seamlessly integrate into your home decor. Similar to concealed ceiling lifts, furniture-mounted lifts also keep your TV hidden when not in use, contributing to a clean and organized living space. If you prioritize convenience and a hassle-free setup without compromising on style, the furniture-mounted lift is the way to go.

tv lifts for cabinets

How To Know If a TV Lifts Is The Right One?

Investing in a TV lift can create a better living space. But with numerous options available, it’s essential to choose the right TV lift that perfectly suits your needs.

When considering purchasing a TV lift, several factors must be considered:

Frequency of Use:

Before purchasing a TV lift, consider how frequently you plan to use it. If you enjoy watching TV regularly and want the convenience of easily raising and lowering your TV, a motorized TV lift with remote control functionality may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you occasionally use your TV and prefer a more cost-effective option, a manual TV lift could be a suitable alternative.

Available Space:

Assess the available space in your room to determine the most appropriate TV lift size. A hidden TV lift cabinet is an excellent space-saving solution, providing a discreet storage option when your TV is not in use. For larger rooms or media centers, a floor-mounted TV lift mechanism can add a striking visual element while offering a stable and secure setup.

Measurement and Weight Capacity:

Accurate measurement of your TV’s dimensions is crucial to ensure compatibility with the TV lift mechanism. Check the weight capacity of the TV lift to verify that it can handle the weight of your television. An electric TV lift with a sturdy construction and reliable weight support is essential to prevent any accidents or damage to your valuable equipment.

Budget Consideration:

Set a budget that aligns with your TV lift requirements. Motorized TV lifts with advanced features may be more expensive, but they offer the convenience of effortless height adjustment and remote control operation. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, a manual TV lift can still provide a reliable lifting mechanism at a more affordable cost.

Things You Should Know Before Bulk Order Motorized TV Lifts

Normally, we will suggest clinet purchase 100pcs at a time to balance local costs and get a better price.

It will be within 25-35 days, but if the quantity is huge, it should be negotiated.

Yes, customized design is welcome.

Yes, it not only has remote but also come with a memory controller

Yes, absolutely, the sample is available, we can send you from China directly.

Yes, the shipping cost is unstable, you can contact us for a real-time quote.

Yes, it can put your logo on the TV lift with stickers.