Something You Should Know About Monitor Arm


Monitor arm helps a lot when using computer at home or office

Personal computers are “necessities” that are closely related to everyone’s lives.
At work, in the “office” or “store”. And, of course, at “home”. Personal computers are used everywhere.

There are quite a few people who use one in the office and have two or three computers at home.
One of the most important peripherals for working efficiently on the computer is the monitor we use every day.

In some cases, “I’m a laptop, so I don’t use a monitor.”
Of course, laptops come with a monitor. it’s another issue concerns laptop stand. However, when working calmly, it is recommended to output the image on a monitor with a large screen.

I also use a laptop computer at work, but when I work in the office, I output the image of the laptop to the monitor which helps work much faster.
After all, it is a completely different experience between a laptop screen of about 10 to 15 inches and a large screen of 27 inches or more.

Question 1 – What’s good about the monitor arm?

At the same time, it is unfair if only the introduce advantages, so the disadvantages will be described later.
This will make it easier to consider introducing a monitor arm more specifically.

1) Space-saving!

The most merit when installing the monitor arm is space-saving. Some people may think, “Eh? The base of the stand isn’t big, isn’t it?”
In fact, take a look at two photos in the office:
monitor stand

Dual monitor arm

Image it, when you have to work with some paper files, which office is you prefer? It easy to make a choice, isn’t it?

2) Aesthetic Benefit

There is no doubt that installing a monitor arm can help with aesthetics.
Just floating the monitor in the air makes it “fashionable!”, And you can also put your favorite accessories in the vacant space.

3) Ergonomics Benefit

When working on a computer for a long time, shoulders will become stiff, back get pain.
One of the reasons is that the line of sight and posture is fixed.
With the monitor arm, you can easily adjust the movement of the monitor up and down and back and forth with one hand, so you can prevent the posture from being fixed.
If you think you’re getting tired, you can change the height and angle of the monitor arm and the distance from yourself.
What’s more, you can use a standing desk with monitor arm to get more ergonomics benefits, there are some research shows that sit a long time is bad for your health.

Using Monitor Arm

4) Easy to Clean

Normally, a lot of people will not see or care about the back of the monitor at all.
However, when you saw the backside during the annual cleaning, you will surprise at how dirty it was … Have you ever experienced it?
It’s nice to keep it clean even in places you don’t usually see, and especially for monitors, if the vents on the backside are blocked with dust, it will affect the life of the device.
With the monitor arm, you can easily clean the back of the monitor and also for desktop.


Question 2 – What are the disadvantages of the monitor arm?

As mentioned above, the monitor arm seems to be all good, but is there any disadvantage?
Here, let’s consider the negative points that may be incurred by installing the monitor arm.

1) It costs extra money to purchase a monitor arm
2) It takes time to install.

For the attached free stand, it is super easy to insert the support part into the monitor and screw it in to complete the installation. Considering the wiring etc., it will take about 5-10 minutes to install.
For the monitor arm, the method differs slightly depending on the product, but please consider that it will take about 15-20 minutes to install.
If you include cleaning and cleaning around the desk, it may take about an hour in total.

There are some expenses and troubles at the time of introduction, but once it is installed, there are no particular disadvantages to worry about.

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