Standing Desk Dual Motor VS Single Motor: Which is More Reliable

If you’re looking to improve your health or increase your productivity at work, a standing desk may be a good investment. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a standing desk. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to choose a single or dual motor desk.

In this blog post, we’re going to break down the differences between single and dual motor desks. So that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Standing Desk Motors

Standing desks use motors to raise and lower the desktop. which is controlled by sensors that detect the number of revolutions and direction of the motor. This information is sent to the control box. which uses it to calculate the desk’s current height and programmed height positions.

This post will not discuss the difference between different single motor or dual motor desk, just hypothesis all desk was in the same quality level. And single motor desk only with an average quality motor, not overquality.

Normally, Single motor desks are more affordable than their dual motor counterparts, but they can be less reliable. This is because a single motor desk has to work harder to move the desk up and down by transmission shaft, which can cause the desk to shake or wobble. It is also easily damaged and has louder noise. Additionally, single motor desks may much smaller load capacity than dual motor desks, since they only have one point of movement.
Dual motor desks are much more stable since each leg has its motor. And keep two legs synchronized by its control box. This means that there is less chance of the desk wobbling or shaking.
And two motors provide stronger load capacity and are able to move faster single motor desk.

Standing Desk Frame Size

As single motor standing desk is usually an ergonomic option compared with dual motor desk. So easy to find in the market that lots of single motor desk have smaller frame size.

Including the column size, desk feet size, beam size, and so on. You can just judge it by weight, less weight usually means weak quality.

Single beams design is popular for single motor design. It will much more unstable than double beams which is suitable for the small table. If you prefer a 2000*800mm size desk, single beams apparently not a good choice.

So, which type of desk is right for you? If you are on a budget or only has small space for desk, then a single motor desk may be the way to go.
However, if you want a more stable and adjustable desk, then you may want to invest in a dual motor desk. Whichever type of desk you choose, make sure that it is easy adjustable so that you can always find the perfect height for your needs.

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