The 5 Most Important Standing Desk Components You Should Know

Investing in a standing desk for your office comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits include Lowered Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain, Reduces Back Pain, Enhance Mood and Energy Levels, Boost Productivity Levels, and others. However, before you make your purchase, it is important to know the different components of a standing desk and what they do. This blog post will give you a brief overview of the 5 most important parts of a standing desk.

1. Lifting Columns.

Lifting Columns, which also called standing desk legs. These are responsible for lifting and lowering the desk surface. B&H lifting columns using lightweight aluminum and durable steel. These inclusions enhance the longevity of this product for added usability.

Before getting a standing desk frame, you should analyze the maximum weight supported and lifting capacity. The motor’s size and quality dictate how much weight your desktop can carry. This also indicates how quickly the desk base is adjustable from sit to stand.

2. Height Adjustable System.

Control box is the brain of the standing desk base. Which controls the system to realize the adjustable legs up or down. And Hall sensor on motor can be accurately feedback the height date to control box.


3. Memory display.

The display shows the height of the desk surface, so you can easily return to your preferred working height. Also, most display on market has memory function. With only 1 click, you can easily adjust desk from sit to stand but also in your best position.


4. Adjustable standing desk beams

Adjustable standing desk beams. This can adjust the width to fit different sizes of tabletop. The adjustable design let the standing desk base be a universal option for everybody. No matter you like a 36 inch standing desk or 80 inch desk.

5. Desktop

Desktop is commonly made from laminated or solid wood. But sometimes plastic models are can be an option due to budget.


Each part of a standing desk plays an important role in its function and purpose. By understanding these key components, you can make an informed decision about which type of standing desk is right for your office space.

B&H Ergonomics is one of the leading standing desk frame suppliers. Which will be a great partner If you need some support to enlarge the standing desk market.

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