How to Choose The Best Laptop Riser?

It’s a well know things that laptop users should use a laptop riser, and in another article, we list 10 reasons why you should use laptop risers.

Table of Content:

  1. Travel Ability of Laptop Riser
  2. Material
  3. Cooling Function
  4. Adjustable
  5. Others


There is lots of type and design in the market, here we help to list some ways you may need to consider.

1. Travel Ability of Laptop Riser

If you use your laptop not just in office, such as hotels rooms or coffee shops. Travel ability is definitely the most important thing for you. It will help a lot if the laptop riser can easily be put in the pocket and carried on any time.

Once you have enjoyed the benefits of laptop riser, I bet most people can’t stand the situation without it.

2. Material

There is 4 major material in the market including plastic, wood, bamboo, metal.

Plastic: friendly in price but not environmentally.

Wood: environmentally friendly, but not good in cooling function and adjustable ability

Bamboo: also most same with wood but cheaper.

Metal: Most metal laptop riser is made of aluminum which has recycled ability, easily adjustable height and angle, nice for cooling, and sturdiest. Actually, it’s the most popular material for desk laptop risers.

laptop stand

3. Cooling function

Overheating is a big problem for laptops which will infect the performance a lot. Actually, keeping cool is a key of useful life.

There is two design to keep cooling, one is using a fan directly. Normally, only plastic laptop risers will prefer using a fan due to its bad material heat transferability.

Metal one will use a hollow design and elevate the laptop to increase airflow, the great material heat transferability is the reason why wood one can’t.

The laptop stand with fan has better cooling function but it will bring the noise problem. Normally, the metal one is good enough for most laptops.

Laptop Riser

4. Adjustable

Adjustable is the soul factor of laptop riser. Everyone has a different best screen height, so the ideal solution is to make your laptop riser can be adjustable, both in height and angle.

There is no doubt that more adjustable slots mean more opportunities to reach your most comfortable position. But most foldable laptop stand in market can only adjust angle but no height, because the ideal adjustable ability will affect the traveling ability. You can’t always get everything you want.

Laptop Stand

5. Others

There is a lot of other factors to choose the best one, for example, the 3mm and 4mm thickness metal laptop touch feeling is very different. The aesthetic is a very personal thing and none design can satisfy everyone.

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