How To Choice Adjustable height Table Right for you?

Adjustable height table plays a more important role than ever on  Post-Covid time.

As the way of working is gradually changing, some companies ask employees to work at home for half a month and go to office to work the rest of days of a month.

An adjustable height table can prevent certain physical pains such as neck pain, shoulder pain, lumbar vertebra and etc.


Normally, the electric height adjustable table can be divided into 2 types according to motor quantities.

Single motor table and dual motor table. Let me tell you what are the major differences between the two types!

  1. Height Range

The height of most dual-motor adjustable tables on the market you can find is 600mm-1250mm (24″-50″), with 650mm stroke.

While most single-motor desk height range is 700mm-1150mm (27″-45″), with 450mm stroke.

Adjustable height Table

Someone who is taller than 6′ 3” may doesn’t suitable for single motor desk, because they have to be hunched when standing.

2. Loading Capacity

Max loading cap. for the dual motor is in 120KGS, for single motor is in 80KGS.

Adjustable height Table

Normally, load capability 80 kgs is enough for most office workers although this 80 kgs is included the desktop weight.

3. Speed

Another major difference is speed.

The dual-motor adjustable table is faster, you can find 28-35 mm/s in the market, while single-motor desk runs 15-20mm/s.

Dual motor table is popular by its higher range and speed.

Single motor table is well-acceptance by its economical and cost-effective feature. Some people also use single motor table in small space as corner standing desk with a curved desktop.

If you want to change your normal desk into a stand-up table, without too many requirements on height range or speed, then single motor adjustable height table will be a good choice for you.

If you are tall and want to get a better experience, a dual-motor electric table won’t let you down!

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