7 Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Height Adjustable Table Frame

Do you want to buy benefits standing desk but don’t know where to start? It can be tricky to choose the best height adjustable table frame, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

In this blog post, we will discuss some factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. We will also provide some tips for finding the best affordable standing desk for your needs. So whether you’re looking for an office desk or a home workstation, read on for all the information you need!

Table of Content:

1. Electric Motor of Height Adjustable Table.

2. Electric Adjustable Table Legs.

3. Cross Beam.

4. Desk Feet and Side Support Parts.

5. Controller and Control Box.

6. Frame Weight and Tabletop.

7. Brand Value.

height adjustable table frame

1. Electric Motor of Height Adjustable Table.

There are three types of electric motors for height adjustable tables on the market today: 2-motor, 1-motor, and 0-motor. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The dual motor table is the most expensive option, but it also has the best stability and load capability. The single motor height adjustable table has a transmission shaft on a cross-frame, which makes it less stable and capable than the 2-leg option.

The 0-motor hand crank adjustable table is the best economic design, but unfortunately, most people will less use it because it is slower and more inconvenient to adjust than an electric desk. It’s hard to say “economic” if you buy stuff but less using it.

Electric Height Adjustable Table

2. Electric Adjustable Table Legs

The electric height adjustable table legs are completely different from the standard office desk legs. It will be much stronger and thicker.

To make sure the product life is good, it should use the top quality raw material and high precision parts column.

The number of legs stages refers to the number of telescopic sections the leg of the standing desk has. Dual-stage standing desk also called 3 stage means can be split into 3 telescopic segments. Single-stage also called 2 stage means can be split into 2 segments.

3 stage standing desk is expensive but more stable than 2 stages.

One reason is in a specific height range, 3 stage legs have 3 segments and have a more overlapping area between each segment.

The other reason is 3 stage standing desk legs usually have a better height range.

dual stage standing desk

3. Cross Beam

The crossbeam is an important factor in the price.

Normally, most crossbeam has a width adjustable range. Max stretch 1800mm frame definitely more expensive than the one that only can stretch to 1400mm. But this will not influent the stability.

If you have searched “cheap standing desk” on google, you can easily find the most desk in the result is single beam.

Apparently, using less raw material do save the cost.

It will recommend choosing a dual cross beam desk as a priority, because of the better stability.

4. Desk Feet and Side Support Parts

The bigger size has better stability and can support a bigger tabletop. All electric height adjustable table bases will remark the recommended tabletop size.

No worry about too large desk feet, because manufacturers do prefer smaller sizes to save to cost.

5. Controller and Control Box

Normally, USB charging digital controller is more expensive than only a digital controller.

The memory function controller is more expensive than only up and down function controller.

Sometimes, controller and control box can be the same part to save cost.

6. Frame Weight and Tabletop

It’s a simple way to judge the standing desk quality. Normally, the weight is bigger, then the quality is better. But please noticed it has to be compared in the same raw material.

Aluminum standing desk and steel one can’t be compared in this way.

Tabletop is an important part of the standing desk. Different materials and sizes will influence the price a lot.

Same simple judge principle, the bigger size, and weight tabletop is more expensive in the same material.

7. Brand Value

There’s no doubt that famous brand desks come with a price premium.
But what if you’re ordering in bulk? Is it still worth paying more for the brand name?
If you got a bulk order project in hand, it’s definitely worth spending more time finding a less famous supplier to get a better price in the same quality.

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