5 Best Standing Desk Australia 2022

Electric Standing Desk Australia office market is getting stars.

Less people will reject a standing desk that truly brings benefits to your health.

In this post, we will list the 5 best standing desks in Australia.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable standing desk or customized standing workstation solution.

Those companies can be a good choice!

Table of Content:

  1. Ningbo B&H Ergonomic Technology, best solution for bulk orders.
  2. UpDown Desks Australia Pty, quality standing desk.
  3. Desky, more standing desk accessories option.
  4. Ikea, a cheap and easy way to get.
  5. New Aim Pty Ltd, Artiss is a good choice for economic standing desk.

Ningbo B&H Ergonomic Technology-Wholesale Standing Desk in Australia

B&H Ergonomics is a standing desk manufacturer and wholesaler from China.

All B&H resources and efforts are focused on creating the best standing desk at an affordable price.

If you have bulk order requirements or need OEM service for height adjustable standing desk. Then B&H will be the best choice.

The most popular item is BH-D23RS.

The height range is 600-1250mm, but it can be customized.

The width range of the desk frame is 1100-1800mm.

Max lifting capability is 120 kg.

sit stand desk frame

UpDown Desks Australia Pty-UpDown Desk Pro

Updown Desks Australia Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standing desks and sit and stand desk converters. Which is based in Melbourne, Australia.

They claim that UpDown Pro Desk is Australia’s #1 premium standing desk, and do have top quality.

The only problem is they probably have the most expensive price you can find on market.

Bestseller of updown desk is UpDown Desk PRO Series.

It has 615-1270 mm height range and max can support 2400mm tabletop.

Desky Standing desk-Desky Dual Stand Up Desk

Desky is a Australia local standing desk supplier which has good international supply chain.

So they have more tabletop and other accessories options than updown desk.

In some certain hardwood tabletop options, the total price is in same line compared with UpDown Desk.

Desky best seller is Desky Dual Stand Up Desk.

600-1250mm height range and 140 kg load capability.

Ikea-Bekant Standing Desk

I bet you know about Ikea, so no more words.

BEKANT is the Ikea’s most popular sit stand desk which has simple aesthetic style.

If you looking for a cheap standing desk for yourself, it will be a good choice for home office.

height adjustable worksation

New Aim Pty Ltd-Artiss Standing Desk

Artiss is an Australian brand owned by New Aim Pty Ltd, and offers economic products.

As they don’t have physical stores, Artiss devoted to sourcing products with competitively price.

They only have 2 stage dual motor standing desk single motor standing desk for home office.

If could a nice option budget electric standing desk.

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