5 Best Electric Height Adjustable Desk UK 2022

Do you find yourself working from home more often these days?

If so, you may want to consider investing in an electric height adjustable desk. These desks are a great way to stay comfortable while you work, and they can also help improve your productivity and health. In this post, we will take a look at five of the top 5 electric height adjustable desk UK for 2022.

Ningbo B&H Ergonomic Technology

B&H Ergonomics is a leading electric height adjustable desk manufacturer and sit stand desk UK wholesaler.

It should be noticed that B&H is a B2B company from China. They have MOQ requirement to balance delivery costs and keep a very competitive price.

If you have bulk order requirements or customize standing desk design, then B&H will be the best choice.

The most popular item is BH-D23RS. The desk height range is 600-1250mm.

The desk width range is 1100-1800mm. Max lifting capability is 120 kg.

electric height adjustable desk uk

Flexispot, E8 Standing Desk

FlexiSpot is an international furniture and home furnishings manufacturer from the US.

The corporate headquarters is located in Livermore, CA.

Flexispot most popular item in the UK is Flexispot E8 Standing Desk.

The tabletop material is bamboo.

Desktop size is 120-200cm (W) x 60-80cm (D).

The height range is 600-1250mm.

Max weight capacity is 125kg including the tabletop.

Fully, Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

You may not know fully is owns by knoll, and Knoll is combined with Herman Miller to be a new company MillerKnoll.

Fully Jarvis series is is one of the popular standing desk series from the biggest furniture.

One reason we love it because the tabletop is totally made by bamboo.

Perfect for both environmentally and aesthetically conscious.

Sit-Stand.Com, Flytta 2

Sit-Stand.Com® is Europe’s largest exclusive supplier of office wellness furniture online.

FLYTTA 2 is an extra height solution with 64cm-130cm height range.

Perfect choice for the tall person.

Max load capacity is 120kg of the desk.

Available in 9 different top finishes.

flytta 2 sit stand desk


Yo-Yo desk is #1 sit to stand desk in Europe and one of the best height adjustable desk UK brand.

The DESK PRO 1 is an economy-price home office height adjustable desk with single motor design.

Considering the friendly price, Yo-Yo Desk Pro 1 is one of the best for someone looking for home office solution.

The height range is 72.5 – 122.5cm.

Max load 70 kg stuff including the tabletop.

yo-yo sit stand desk

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